What We Do

Restoration Organics brings together locally inspired ecological landscapes and soil health based solutions to solve complex problems we commonly see in our communities.

Ecological Landscaping

We design, build, and managing natural landscapes based on the ecology of a site and use plants native to the area. These techniques create spaces that enhance the surrounding environment for the benefit of humans and all other life in the ecosystem.

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Soil Health Solutions

The health of your soil determines its resistance to erosion and how quickly turfgrass becomes established. From new construction to highly trafficked zones, the soil must have the right components for high root density. Our soil health services prepare your project for the needed growth.

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Natural Area Restoration

Natural Area Restoration is emphasized with exotic and invasive control and vegetation monitoring to promote and increase the native seed bank already stored in the existing soil. Fewer seedings and plantings will occur with this type of project.

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Exotic & Invasive Management

Ecological management work is far less costly than the landscapes created with turfgrass. Though native & natural landscapes are low-maintenance, the importance of an annual program including monitoring and exotic/invasive management is paramount to a successful project.

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