Living Shorelines

Instead of using hardened surfaces, Restoration Organics designs and builds natural shorelines that incorporate native aquatic and meadow plant material as a self-renewing, ecologically sustainable way to stabilize the shoreline, add seasonal interest, improve habitat value, and protect water quality.

More Stability than Turfgrass Shorelines

Absorbs Water Energy Better than Rock Shorelines

Restoration Organics’s Living Shorelines provide erosion control with the strength of the same native plant roots that are found in our local aquatic habitats and the ability of the plants to absorb the wave energy.


Provide Seasonal Protection.

Due to our knowledge about native vegetation, we select species to your site that will grow and spread adapting to the water level by protecting the shore, mimicking the natural hydrology of wetlands.

Thrive Without Irrigation or Fertilizers.

The local, native species we select for your project are chosen for their adaptability to your site’s fluctuating water level, exposure to erosive forces, and amount of sunlight available.

Create Better Backyard Fishing.

Living Shorelines restore the natural food web processes to the shoreline. Plants are home to insects and other small organisms, which become fish food in various stages of life reducing costly restocking.

Our property is on a lake with very strict HOA rules. We had some drainage problems, need for new landscaping, wave erosion control, etc.
Restoration Organics came in with creative, logical solutions that we loved. They began the work right away, providing extra advice as we went along, proposing additional ideas, some we did & others we’re waiting to decide on!

We found Jared & his crew of workers to be first class all the way. Each & every worker was respectful of our family, our dogs, I mean, these guys were all top notch.

I recommend Restoration Organics to everyone. First class solutions to stuff I know very little about, & workers that are personable & respectful.
The very pleasant surprise is the follow up maintenance & advice we are still receiving from Jared & Restoration Organics. They’ve taken such a personal interest in my property as well as my next door neighbors who saw what Jared was doing for us, & immediately hired Restoration Organics to do a lot of the things we did on our property.

Brian & Debbie Thomas, Towne Lake Homeowner


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