Exotic & Invasive Management

The control of exotic and invasive plants is the keystone for the success of any ecological landscape and natural area restoration project.

How We Protect Your Project:

To eliminate these species Restoration Organics uses many of the following methodologies of control and some scenarios require a combination of techniques:

& Trimming

Mowing intermittently during the first 1-5 years of a new native seeding helps to control annual and biennial weed competition to increase the rate of native seed germination due to less competition.

Invasive/Exotic Shrub
& Tree Control

Invasive/exotic shrubs and trees shade and out-compete native understory vegetation. If not controlled, they can change the soil chemistry and shade out desired grasses and wildflowers.

Selective Herbicide

The goal for any herbicide treatment is to maximize the control of the target species, while minimizing any potential adverse effects to the environment and it’s applicators.

Without proper management these plants can spread across disturbed sites quickly as they out-compete native plant species.

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