We build ecological landscapes that even thrive in wet and shaded areas where turfgrass cannot.

Our woodland and shoreline landscapes are adapted to your property and function as tools for erosion control, natural area preservation, and wildlife habitats that reduce maintenance costs.

Saturated Areas, Moving Water, And Shade Are Problems For Turf.

Restoration Organics pairs grasses, wildflowers, and aquatic species native to our area with your project’s soil, hydrology, and sunlight conditions to prevent repetitive costly landscape problems we commonly see in communities.





No irrigation. No fertilizer.
All natural beauty.

Inspired by local habitats, Restoration Organics builds natural landscapes that have adapted to thrive in your site’s conditions without supplemental irrigation and fertilizations.

  • Shoreline Protection & Enhancement (Pond & Lake)

  • Slope Stabilization

  • Channel & Swale Stabilization

  • Natural Recreation Areas (Green Spaces)

  • Golf Course Water Hazards & Out-of-Play Zones

  • Woodland Landscapes

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Shoulders Of Giants.

We proudly partner with these organizations that match our mission and provide research driven resources for the most update practices for successful projects.

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